How to select a safe UV solution?

How to select a safe UV solution?

UV solutions have the potential to create a cleaner and safer environment for everyone and everyone that enters your business. Studies have demonstrated that ultraviolet light may deactivate SARS-CoV-2, the virus that is responsible for COVID-19. UVC is a proven disinfectant that can be used on air, water, and nonporous surfaces. However, if you are thinking about employing ultraviolet (UV) items in your establishment, it is only natural that one of the first issues that comes to mind is safety. When safety is a primary issue, this might be an area of worry since it is well-established that exposure to UVC can cause damage to the eyes and skin of those who are not using protective eyewear and sunscreen. Follow us to know more about safe UV solutions.

How to select a safe UV solution?

Not to mention the fact that there have been instances when items that use UVC have failed. For instance, because of a malfunction, pupils at an elementary school in Georgia were exposed to ultraviolet light. The decision was made by the school district to do away with the system. A scenario quite similar to this one occurred in California, and the outcome was that equipment worth millions of dollars was left unused because of fears about ozone.

As a result of instances like these, there is a great deal of misconception about the reality of UV treatments and whether or not they are really worth the expense. Experts admit that UVC has been used safely in a variety of applications for decades, which is evidence that scientists can concur that it is an efficient disinfection method. Therefore, how can you ensure that a UVC system is risk-free? We investigate a variety of approaches to locate a solution that is compatible with your application.

UV sanitizing providing a safe solution

Choosing a safe UV solution

Knowing your application and your objectives is the first thing you need to do before choosing a UV solution that is safe.

There are several different approaches to UVC problems that may be taken:

 Mobile units with their primary focus being the cleaning of surfaces. UVC lighting for HVAC systems that is aimed towards cleaner equipment and air disinfection systems that include enclosed UVC. Upper air units have been shown to reduce the spread of infections.

It is probable that the most efficient method of disinfecting a facility is to use a mix of these items. The answers to the following questions might assist in guiding your decision-making process as you choose a product that is ideal for you:

 Are you making an effort to improve the air quality in conference rooms so that meetings can take place there? If this is the case, you should think about investing in an enclosed UVC system that can cleanse the air continually. The UV FAN by Light Progress is our top pick since it is a device that is very quiet and also comes with a portable option. The apparatus draws in ambient air, passes it through a UVC lamp to sterilize it, and then recirculates the purified air throughout the space. In addition to this benefit, the titanium dioxide filter never has to be changed.

 Are you attempting to enhance the quality of the air that is produced by your HVAC system? In such a case, you may choose between two distinct lighting fixtures. The use of on-coil UVC lights helps to disinfect the system and prevents the accumulation of microorganisms on the various pieces of equipment. In-duct UVC fixtures do their part to clean the air as it moves through the system and before it reaches the building by working before it enters the building. Because every HVAC system is unique, we advise going with a solution that is tailor-made.

Are you attempting to reduce the spread of disease-causing organisms within a populated area? If this is the case, then upper-air fixtures could be the best choice. Because of their effectiveness in preventing the spread of tuberculosis, hospitals have had upper-air units erected for a significant number of years. Upper-air units made by Light Progress come highly recommended by us. In addition, we suggest performing commissioning on all upper-air units to make certain that UVC rays are directed in the appropriate direction.

Do you have any surfaces that you are attempting to sterilize with safe UV solutions? If this is the case, you may want to look into transportable UVC units or tabletop UVC units. It is possible that these fixtures may need to be operated numerous times in order to cover all of the surfaces inside a space, but they will disinfect those surfaces.

In addition to this, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the distinctions between the various product categories. Instead of UVA or UVB, which are more often seen in goods like tanning beds, the vast majority of disinfection systems make use of UVC. Traditional UVC products kill pathogens using light with a wavelength of 254 nanometers. Despite the fact that more manufacturers are creating LED UVC and far-UVC goods, they are the most prevalent form of product that can be found on the market right now. LED UVC lamps and far-UVC lamps both employ ultraviolet light, but they do so at very different wavelengths.

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Guidelines for the protection of UV solutions

Safe UV solutions are totally unique in comparison to any other kind of lighting solution. It is essential that safety measures be given first attention, and the system in question should be set up in a way that will, once it is operational, result in a reduction in risk.

 The following are some fundamental safety principles that should be followed:

 Make sure that there is no production of ozone by the safe UV solutions that you are using. UVC products that operate at a wavelength of 254 nanometers normally do not emit ozone into the atmosphere. Ozone is created when shorter wavelengths of light interact. The most secure options completely contain the UVC radiation, protecting the people within from its potentially dangerous rays. The Upper Air UVC solutions have to be commissioned in order to guarantee appropriate installation and safety.

In order to prevent anybody from being unintentionally exposed to ultraviolet light (UVC), surface disinfection systems need to have adequate occupancy controls and safety measures in place. Sight glasses and door switches should be included in HVAC UVC systems in order to ensure that the systems are operating correctly and to protect personnel from unintended exposure. Dosimeters are an efficient instrument to use for monitoring any kind of ultraviolet (UVC) exposure.

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Safety guidelines for UV-C products

Signs of danger posed by ultraviolet (UV) treatments

Before you go out and buy any UV items, you should be on the lookout for a few different warning flags.

To begin with, we strongly suggest that you limit your purchase of UV items to just those made by renowned and trustworthy suppliers. Concerns about UV wands and other similar goods are at the forefront of experts’ minds when it comes to issues of safety. UV wands may be easily purchased online. Unfortunately, some items include statements that are either inaccurate, misleading, incomplete, or do not conform to the rules that are set out by the federal government.

It is important to carefully examine any and all information that is available on the use and safety of the product. Second, be aware of companies that may have taken advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak as a chance to grow into new fields in which they have little to no prior experience. Working with a provider that has a proven track record with UV goods is something that comes highly recommended by our team.

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Consultation for a safe UV solution

 The first thing you should do if you are thinking about implementing a safe UV solution in your facility is to take advantage of our no-cost consulting service. Our group of knowledgeable professionals will provide a range of options that are suitable for your establishment, with the primary focus being on safety.

We have invested the previous two years in researching hundreds of businesses that offer UV goods, and we only work with manufacturers that we are familiar with, in whom we have complete faith, and who have a track record of success, particularly with regard to issues of safety. Do not be reluctant to get in touch with us if you are prepared to locate the appropriate safe UV solutions for your needs.

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