Surya Home is known as a leading and knowledge-based company in UV technology. We seek to provide a clean, virus-free environment for people worldwide. We plan to mass-produce Ultraviolet light disinfectant products for various home, clinical and industrial uses. To achieve this goal, a team of experts and researchers in collaboration with advanced European laboratories are looking for research, development, and innovative ideas to produce intelligent and practical devices. We are committed to delivering quality products under international standards. We obtained health certificates from world organizations such as TUV, RoHS, FDA, FC, CE for our products. Receiving valid certifications from global organizations gives us the confidence to buy safe and valuable products. And this is one of the essential things that sets us apart from other related brands. The Surya brand is officially registered in Germany and has foreign representatives worldwide.

What does the name Surya mean?

Surya in Sanskrit means sun. Surya is one of the revered goddesses in Indian culture. Surya is believed to be a benevolent deity capable of healing sick people. His light cures darkness, leprosy, and poverty. Because the sun is the natural source of UV rays, and our products on ultraviolet light disinfection choose this name for the brand.