Surya Professional Disinfectant with UV-C Sterilizer Box Review

Surya Professional Disinfectant with UV-C Sterilizer Box Review

In the realm of ultraviolet (UV) technology, Surya Home is known as an innovative and skilled company that pioneered the industry. We are making efforts to ensure that every person on earth has access to a clean environment that is free of viruses. We want to manufacture UV light disinfecting items on a large scale for a variety of uses, including commercial, institutional, and industrial applications. In order to do this, a group of experts and researchers who are affiliated with cutting-edge European laboratories are looking into research, development, and innovative ideas with the purpose of developing intelligent and helpful pieces of equipment. We guarantee that the products we provide will be of the highest possible quality and will conform to international criteria. The TUV, RoHS, FDA, FC, and CE are among the worldwide bodies that have validated the safety of our products and awarded us with certificates.This is a review of the Surya Professional Disinfection with UV-C Sterilization Box. Smart UV light boxes with high performance, manufactured by Surya

Acquiring official certifications from reputable international organizations provides us with the peace of mind necessary to invest in high-priced but dependable goods. And this is one of the most important qualities that sets us apart from other companies that are in a similar price range. The official registration of the Surya brand can be found in Germany, and the company also has agents in countries all over the world.

What does it imply when people call him Surya?

The Sanskrit word “surya” means “sun.” Surya, also known as the Sun God, is considered to be among the most revered gods in Indian culture. It is said that Surya is a merciful god who possesses the ability to heal those who are afflicted. His light is able to heal not just leprosy but also poverty and darkness. Since the sun is a natural source of ultraviolet (UV) rays and our products make use of UV light for disinfection, we thought this would be an appropriate name for the firm.

It takes less than thirty minutes to clean everything thoroughly.

The Surya UV Sanitizer Box is an innovative, user-friendly drying and disinfecting station that provides you with the highest degree of sanitary efficiency possible. This easy-to-operate piece of equipment utilizes low-temperature technology to dry and sterilize baby bottles, pacifiers, and other items in as little as thirty minutes. It does so by making use of a heating element for the drying process and UV lamps that have been demonstrated to be effective by scientific research. This sleek and functional device kills 99.9 percent of potentially harmful bacteria, and it is completely safe to use on all of the feeding accessories that you have for your infant.

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Surya Box Attributes and Characteristics

  • manufactured locally in Germany.
  • Design that is lauded by international standards organizations and is both elegant and uncluttered (FDA, FCC, CE, TUV, ROHS).
  • Intelligent, having four distinct capabilities in the areas of sterilization and disinfection,
  • ozone-free as well as favorable to the environment. Omnidirectional ultraviolet light produced by Philips
  • The wind dryer is a blistering hot environment, with a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.
  • internal structure made entirely of steel; capacity of 15 liters
  • The act of pressing buttons

The Surya Box UV Sanitizer has four different functions.

  •  UV and heating should be automatically combined.
  • The moisture is removed from the items by a process called drying, which takes place at low temperatures.
  • Irradiation is a kind of sterilization that may be used to disinfect an item.
  • Maintaining safety ensures that feeding equipment is kept in a safe environment throughout the day.

Advantages of Utilizing a Surya Box

  • Sanitization and sterilization are performed without the use of detergents.
  • Easy to clean in less than a quarter of a minute.
  • UV light disinfection is often regarded as the most effective sterile treatment available.
  • It effectively eliminates up to 99.9 percent of all viruses and germs.
  • 365-day warranty

What are some possible applications of technology?

This device is suitable for everyone, given the possibility that the items and equipment we use on a daily basis could be contaminated with a variety of germs and viruses. In addition to this, it fulfills a function that is essential in some sense. Given that we are unable to use the alcohol-based disinfection strategy on devices such as mobile phones and that UV light is a really effective disinfectant, this device is suitable for anybody who obtains acceptable medical treatment. The bulk of this apparatus’s eyes consist of the following components:

Housewives, expectant moms, hospitals, dentists, and physicians, as well as beauty shops and dining establishments,

Surya may be made sterile by Surya without any danger.

What kinds of things can the Surya Box disinfect and clean?

Everything that you place inside the Syria box is protected from contamination and can be cleaned and sanitized. The following is a list of some of the most important actions that must be taken in order to properly disinfect a Surya box:

  • Baby items include a bottle, pacifier, lunch bowl, toy, and so on and so forth.
  • Examples of kitchen accessories include things like glasses, plates, spoons, and forks that are purchased for the home.
  • items belonging to the individual, such as watches, jewels, books, scissors, and keys.
  • Cosmetics: Razors, combs, hair clippers, facials, pedicure and manicure tools, etc.
  • Examples of this include a mobile phone, a tablet computer, a wristwatch, a hands-free headset, a charging cord, and several other technological devices.
  • Medical equipment, both dental and medical equipment

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 Protection for the home with the Surya Box

 Our cutting-edge sterilization system, which consists of a Philips UVC lamp, is able to eradicate 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria, such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Staph, as well as toxic fungi, thereby assisting you in preventing the spread of pollutants or germs throughout your home. Alternative Methods of Sterilization in the Dental Industry The dental industry is looking for better ways to keep its facilities and instruments clean and safe for both its patients and its personnel. The use of ultraviolet (UV) light to sterilize the environment, the surfaces, and the instruments in dental offices is one method. UV light products are often used in hospitals and other larger medical facilities for the purpose of disinfection. However, smaller clinics are increasingly contemplating the use of the technology as well.

The service that you deliver to your customers will exceed their expectations, making them very happy.

Studies have demonstrated that exposure to UVC radiation may fast and efficiently kill harmful germs, making it a helpful supplement to human cleaning efforts. [Citation needed] [Citation needed] When exposed to UVC light for a certain length of time and at a certain intensity, potentially harmful microorganisms may be eliminated.

 There won’t be any disagreeable odors coming from your cookware.

According to research published in the American Journal of Infection Control, one of the most effective methods for significantly lowering the number of pathogenic bacteria that are responsible for infections is the combination of manual cleaning with UVC technology.

Is there any scientific basis for the Surya UV Box?

UV sterilization and disinfection is one of the most trusted methods available, as shown by the fact that it has the backing of the World Health Organization (WHO). We at Surya Home have brought the Surya UV Box up to the same level as the standards used internationally. It is with great pleasure that we share the news that this product has been granted clearance by the FDA, the FCC, the CE, the TUV, and the ROHS. The device’s full operation has also been verified by laboratories in Germany.

 Instructions for the secure operation of the UV box in Syria

  • Only the UV function should be used to disinfect electronic devices; the dryer option should not be used at any time.
  • Hold off on opening the cover until the device has completed its function.
  • In the event that a lamp breaks as a result of incorrect usage, you should keep your hands away from the materials contained within and instead place both the broken glass and the contents of the lamp in a separate bag.

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The terms and conditions of the warranty for the Surya UVC Box

  • The product comes with a warranty that is good for one year.
  • The clock will start ticking on the device’s warranty of one year from the moment it is purchased.
  • The warranty does not cover any damage that may occur as a result of improper usage of the product, along with any other kind of damage or effect. They render the guarantee null and void.
  • If the equipment is repaired by unlicensed professionals, the warranty will not cover the costs associated with the repair.
  • The warranty does not apply to any damage sustained by the product as a result of water corrosion or prolonged exposure to moisture.
  • In order to make use of the warranty, be sure to keep the warranty label affixed to the product. This label provides information on the term of the warranty service for your appliance and includes a date of validity.
  • If you buy the equipment from a salesman in person, the salesperson should provide you with a purchase invoice.

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