What Sanitizer Is Best For You? Differences in UV Sanitizer Explained

Did you know that the typical individual comes into contact with approximately 140 different things every day? Recent research indicates that we touch our phones an average of 100 times per hour while alone. Consider that every time we touch anything, particularly communally used devices such as doorknobs and light switches, we are transmitting microorganisms that may have been on the object to our hands (and vice versa). When we touch our faces, the most frequent route for germs to enter our bodies is via our eyes, nose, and mouth. As a result, the more objects we touch, the higher the chance that we may come into contact with potentially deadly bacteria in our bodies. As previously stated, the simplest method of reducing this danger is to cleanse surfaces before we come into contact with them. Although spray-style alcohol-based sanitizers and disinfection wipes may do the task, they may not be the most cost-effective method of disinfecting all of the surfaces we come into contact with on a regular basis (not to mention the shortage of these products in the past few months). But what other options do we have at this point? Follow us to find your best UV sanitizer.

The Best UV Sanitizers for Killing Germs

Ultraviolet sanitizers, also known as UV sanitizers, are a reusable and dependable way to disinfect any surface against germs that are carried by contact. Despite the fact that the technology is not necessarily new (as its sanitizing applications have been in use for more than 40 years), consumer UV sanitizing devices have experienced a recent surge in popularity as a result of the shortage of many alcohol-based sanitizer products as a result of the fallout from COVID-19. As a result of its concentrated wavelength, ultraviolet light penetrates bacteria, fungi, and viruses, causing their cell walls to crumble and the surface of whatever it is reflected onto to be disinfected. Because of the intensity of the light, however, it is not safe for use on human flesh and may actually cause a person to burn if they apply these sorts of sanitizers straight to their skin. While it will not necessarily make your hands cleaner, it will assist in preventing some of the dangers associated with touching things that regularly transmit germs, such as keyboards, mobile phones, doorknobs, toothpaste, and so on, which will effectively keep your hands cleaner from the beginning.

This is because it is so simple to include additional functionality into UV sanitizers, and you will find several that act as both sanitizers and charging stations for your phone or other electrical devices, which is very convenient. When it comes to gift-giving, these goods are excellent choices because of their flexibility, which also includes personal safety. Despite the fact that more research is needed, UV lamps as the best UV sanitizers (also known as “germicidal” lights) seem to be the most promising for inactivating the coronavirus at this time. Because of the hardware required for the sanitation process, UV sanitizers are often a bit bigger than their gel and spray counterparts, and they do not normally allow for attachment possibilities like their gel and spray counterparts. This does not make them any less mobile, since many of the goods are barely larger than a cell phone and can be readily tucked away in a pocket or bag without giving them a second thought. Because all hand sanitizers perform roughly the same purpose in terms of use, thinking about how transportable you’d want yours to be will help you limit the selection process to a size and style to choose the best UV sanitizer.

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LED Germicidal Lamp with USB Charging

A UV powerful sterilization LED disinfection light that connects directly to your computer’s USB port. This device is small and lightweight, measuring just 3.5″ in length, and it conveniently fits into your pocket or backpack for convenient transportation, enabling you to disinfect personal daily essential items while traveling. Finally, there is an imprint space around the back that is 3″ x 0.8″ and may be customized with a corporate logo or message. This can be the best UV sanitizer and is an excellent choice for a present that is both technological and timely.

Figure 1: LED disinfection light with USB Charging

Phone Sterilizer with UV Light

In spite of the fact that this device is marketed as a phone sterilizer, it has the ability to disinfect any item that fits into its box, which includes keys, rings, watches, and other small objects like buttons and ringtones. The fact that this specific phone sterilizer has a large 5″ x 3″ imprint space for your brand, along with the fact that it is quite useful in its functions, makes it an excellent personal protection promotional item.

Figure 2: UV phone sterilizer

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UV Steri-Wand

After just 20 seconds of usage, this convenient pocket-sized wand completely kills microorganisms. This is ideal for on-the-go sterilization of items such as doorknobs, light switches, and other frequently handled objects, such as keys. It is battery-operated, so you can recharge it and use it wherever you are, making it a popular item for event goers or anybody who is always on the road.

Figure 3: UV Steri-Wand

UV Phone Sanitizer with Charging Station

It is possible to use a small UV sanitizer as a wireless charging cradle for your smartphone. While it is not as tiny as some of the other UV sanitizers we’ve featured, it can be customized along the front 0.5″ x 1.2″ section of the base, and the inclusion of charging capabilities makes it a useful addition to an office or home desktop. This would be one of the best UV sanitizers.

Figure 4: UV smartphone sanitizer with wireless charging

What are the most effective and best UV sanitizers?

If you want to add an additional layer of protection, we’ve compiled a list of the best UV sanitizers for cleaning your smartphone, keys, water, and more—read our recommendations below. We may get affiliate compensation if you buy an independently evaluated product or service via a link on our website.

1) PhoneSoap HomeSoap

The PhoneSoap HomeSoap sanitizer is ideal for sanitizing bigger things such as tablets, keys, wallets, toys, baby bottles, and more. UVC lights, according to the manufacturer, kill 99.99 percent of germs in about 10 minutes and have two built-in USB connections for charging two devices.The newly added on/off button lets you select between manual and automated settings, which we enjoy. The inside is 93 millimeters wide, 234.6 millimeters tall, and 334.7 millimeters long, making it large enough to hold an Apple iPad Pro, a Nintendo Switch, and other electronics.

Figure 5: PhoneSoap HomeSoap sanitizer

2) UV Clean Sanitizer Bag from HomeMedics

The portable UVC LED light carryall from HomeMedics claims to eliminate “99.9% of germs and viruses at the DNA level, 10 times quicker than any other sanitizer.” This safe, zipped bag disinfects objects in one minute with four mercury-free LEDs, and it can hold phones, sunglasses, keys, cosmetics brushes, remote controls, toothbrushes, and other possessions. The compact device is 4.1 inches tall, three inches deep, and eight inches wide, and it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for on-the-go usage. This would be one of the best UV sanitizers.

Figure 6: UVC LED light carryall from HomeMedics

3) Lexon Oblio Wireless Charger with UV Sanitizer (included)

Your smartphone will be charged and sanitized with this stylish vase-like attachment. The UVC light of Lexon’s Oblio wireless charging station kills 99.9% of surface bacteria, viruses, and germs in just 20 minutes. Simply place your Qi-enabled iPhone or Android phone in the vessel and wait three hours for it to charge completely.

Figure 7: UVC light of Lexon’s Oblio wireless charging station

 4) UV Stick Sanitizer by Medipop

Medipop’s portable UV sanitizer is small enough to fit in your suitcase or baggage, measuring only five inches tall by 1.5 inches wide by 0.5 inches thick. The convenient countdown timer indicates when your gadget has been cleansed and disinfected, and it works on phones, computers, tablets, keys, and other objects.

Figure 8: Medipop’s portable UV sanitizer

 5) UV Sanitizer Casetify

In three minutes, Casetify’s smartphone sanitizer kills 99.99 percent of germs on gadgets and other things using six mercury-free UVC lamps. You may even use the gadget to charge your phone wirelessly if it runs out of energy. So, one of the best UV sanitizers would be this.

Figure 9: UV Sanitizer Casetify

6) Larq PureVis Bottle

If you’re concerned about the safety of your drinking water, Larq’s self-cleaning BPA-free bottle is one of the finest UV sanitizers available. Using UVC radiation, it removes 99.99 percent of bio-contaminants from water in less than a minute. The stainless-steel vessel also automatically switches on every two hours to keep your beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours, and the double-walled insulated structure keeps water cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12. A 25-ounce version is also available.

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Figure 10: Larq’s self-cleaning BPA-free bottle

Possibilities for Branding

The majority of UV Sanitizers, like alcohol-based sanitizers and other promotional or giveaway goods, may be customized with your company’s logo or message. Nonetheless, since these things are often bigger or constructed of a more durable material than the containers for alcohol-based sanitizers, there are typically more placement alternatives as well as more than one way to customize the objects (with some methods being more expensive than others). Making the right choices for not only where, but also how, you decorate or brand these products may help lower the price point so that it fits within your event’s budget.


Because the majority of the public has become more health-concerned as a result of COVID-19, it is understandable that the demand for all sanitary goods has grown. Production durations for these sorts of UV sanitizers might vary anywhere from 5-10 days to as much as 30 days or more in length. Because of lengthier lead times and strong demand, which might result in limited availability, it’s advisable to place orders for these items well in advance of when you need them to arrive. It is possible that you may be in need of an alcohol-based disinfectant solution in a short period of time. The normal lead time for these disinfectants is just between 3–10 working days, so the best UV sanitizer may be a proper alternative for you. Keep in mind that, due to the fact that UV sanitizers are intended to sterilize surfaces rather than skin, an alcohol-based sanitizer spray may also be a choice, depending on how you want to utilize these things. Similarly, to the alcohol-based hand sanitizers, we suggest obtaining a larger quantity than you will need since the demand for these products is unlikely to decrease in the foreseeable future.

It’s reasonable to assume that whether we’re getting ready to return to the office or just attempting to be a little safer when working from home, we’re all paying more attention to our personal hygiene. Surface sanitization results in cleaner hands, and using clean hands in combination with social distance and face masks may help us keep ourselves and others safe. In order to select the best UV sanitizer or healthy and safe giveaway for your requirements and budget, you should pay attention to functionality, pricepoint, delivery timelines, and other things.

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